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The Traws-Eryri cycle route, also known as the Trans Snowdonia Trail, is a spectacular 122 mile off-road adventure that stretches from Machynlleth in mid-Wales to Conwy on the North Wales coast. This route offers a unique and challenging experience for avid cyclists looking to explore the rugged beauty of Eryri National Park (also known as Snowdonia). For more news on North Wales cyclists you can read our other blogs.

What’s special about the Traws-Eryri Route?

  • Diverse Landscapes:

The route takes cyclists through some of the most breathtaking scenery in Wales. From lush valleys, ancient forests and dramatic mountain tops, the trail showcases the very best of Welsh landscapes. You’ll traverse the Mawddach Estuary, ride through the forests of Coed y Brenin, and pass by the historic slate mines of North Wales.

  • Historical and cultural richness:

The Traws-Eryri trail is steeped in history, with ancient tracks and Roman roads weaving through the route. Cyclists will encounter remnants of the region’s industrial past, including deserted slate quarries and historical landmarks like Cadair Idris and the Conwy Castle.

  • Challenging terrain:

With over 4,424 meters of ascent, this route is designed for experienced riders. The steep gradients and varied terrain, including rocky descents and technical sections, require a mountain bike or a gravel bike with low gearing and wide tyres.

  • Wildlife and nature:

The route offers a chance to see a complete variety of wildlife, from peregrine falcons and ravens to brown hares and mountain goats. The diverse ecosystems along the trail, including temperate rainforests and heather-clad moors, add to the enchanting experience.

Safety and preparedness

Given the remote and rugged nature of the Traws-Eryri route, it is crucial to be well prepared:

  • Bike maintenance: Ensuring your bike is in tip-top condition before setting off is important. As well as this, make sure you pack a first aid kit and any essential repair tools and spare parts.
  • Weather considerations: As with the rest of the UK, never take the weather for granted. Make sure you bring appropriate clothing and gear for wet and cold conditions.
  • Navigation: Whilst the route isn’t waymarked, GPS navigation is highly recommended, you can download the Traws Eryri map and GPX file from Cycling UK for more information.
  • Wear a helmet: Obviously, it’s important that you always wear a helmet when cycling. For more information on this, you can read our full guide to bike helmets.

Making a claim if injured

Unfortunately, accidents can happen, and dealing with them during a remote cycling adventure can be particularly stressful. If you sustain an injury whilst cycling, it’s important that you know your rights and the support that’s available to you. If you’re interested in receiving cycle accident compensation, you can find your total amount by using our compensation calculator. Alternatively, if you’d like to know more about what to do after an accident, you can read our other guides.

As well as this, our experienced team would be happy to investigate the circumstances of your accident and assess the potential outcomes of your claim. If we feel there’s a case to be answered for, we’ll get you the cycle accident compensation that you deserve.

If you’re interested in beginning this process, you can start by calling us on 0800 093 6313, or by filling out a contact form.

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