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Commuting to work by bike doesn’t have to be stressful, it can actually be quite enjoyable. Not only do you save some money on your commute, but you also help improve both your physical and mental health.

A lot of people choose to get fitter in the new year, so why not make it a bit easier by swapping out your daily commute. This is great if you live nearby, but don’t completely rule it out if you live further away. Electric bikes are a brilliant alternative to a traditional bike, as you have the ease of a battery to get you there.

Now, let’s jump on the saddle, turn up the gears and delve into the 5 top tips for commuting to work by bike.

Make sure you’ve got the right gear

Firstly, have you got the right gear? No, we don’t mean the gears on the bike (although they are important!) This is all about your clothing and equipment.

You’ll want to make sure you have the right clothing to cycle to work. Although most clothes can be cycling clothes, you’ll probably want something which keeps you warm and dry.

If you’re commuting to work by bike, then it’s more than likely that you’ll be cycling when it’s dark or there’s poor visibility at some point. We highly recommend that you get some good high visibility clothing, and you can get these from majority of bike stores.

You’ll also want a waterproof backpack, or even just a waterproof cover to protect your bag. Another option is that you can opt for paniers, but it’s entirely up to you.

Cycling in winter can be a bit more challenging than in summer, but with the correct gear, you’ll be ready to go.

Always bring your bike lock with you

Does your work have a secure place to store bikes? This will most likely be the best place to keep your bike whilst you’re at work. Despite being stored in a safe place, you should still make sure that you are locking your bike as usual.

For peace of mind against theft (and accidents) you can insure your bike with our partners over at Velosure Cycle Insurance. This means that you’re covered in case someone steals your bike. When purchasing your bike lock, you’ll need a ‘Sold Secure’ approved lock, so make sure you look out for the Sold Secure logo.

Locking your bike give you the reassurance that no one can take it away, and you can still get home. It’s also one less thing to worry about whilst you’re busy working.

Pack a spare change of clothes

This is probably obvious, but you’ll need a spare change of clothes for when you get to work. Depending on how far you’re commuting to work, you’ll most likely want to freshen up when you arrive.

You might also want to have an additional set of cycling clothes ready for your commute home. Needless to say, if you get caught in the rain, you’re not going to want to cycle home in wet clothes.

If your workplace has a place to get changed, then make use of this. It might also be a good idea to pack a hairbrush, and some deodorant as well.

If you’re cycling in trainers, you’re more than likely to encounter damp feet at some point. You can get overshoes for cycling to make sure your feet stay dry, but make sure you also have some spare shoes.

Some people like to leave a spare change of shoes at work, just in case. If your work has a safe place to keep your belongings, then definitely take advantage of that!

Plan your route beforehand

If you’re used to commuting to work by car then you’ll be very familiar with the route you take. However, the route for cycling might be quite different. To get yourself to comfortable with your journey it’s probably best to plan it on Google Maps or Komoot.

You might need to invest in a mount for your bike so that you can follow the route for a few weeks whilst you get used to the journey. The Quad Lock bike mount is brilliant as it’s secure and easy to use!

We recommend practicing this route so that you are familiar with it. You’ll probably want to record the time it takes you to make the journey, and then factor in additional time for traffic.

You can save money by cycling to work

If you’ve not already got a bike, or you fancy an upgrade, you should ask if your workplace offers the cycle to work scheme.

This allows you to buy a bike through a monthly salary sacrifice, which means that you don’t pay tax for the bike. So, you’re saving money by not fuelling a car, and you’re also saving money on the cost of a new bike.

You don’t have to cycle to work every single day, even swapping a couple of driving days for cycling can make a huge difference.

Remember that Cycle Accident are here for you

If you’re commuting during busy hours, then you’re going to want to be extra careful on the roads. Your safety is the number one priority, but sometimes accidents do happen.

If you need a quick reminder of what to do in the unfortunate event of an accident, find out more here.

We’re here to support you at Cycle Accident, and our aim is to get you the compensation which you deserve. We understand how stressful and scary an accident can be, so our friendly team are here to help you during the claims process.

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