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We know how stressful and scary the aftermath of a cycle accident can be. That’s why we’ve compiled some of our most asked questions regarding bicycle accidents. This is so you’re in good stead in you’d like to go forward with a potential claim, and we’re here to help you each step of the way.

How is the compensation amount determined in a bicycle injury claim? 

Every case is different, and your compensation will be based off your claim. The factors which play into how much compensation you will receive depends on the severity of the accident. This includes the damages you sustained, as well as any repercussions such as loss of earnings as a direct result of the accident. 

If you want to find out how much compensation you could be entitled to, make sure to check out our compensation calculator. 

How do I determine who is at fault in a bicycle accident? 

Generally, most people will be aware who is at fault for an accident – you can also use the highway code 

If you’re not sure who was at fault, you can still contact us with all of your information, and we can help you from there. If there’s any dash cam footage you can access, then this will help determine who is at fault. 

Can I still pursue a bicycle injury claim if the at-fault party is uninsured? 

If your cycle accident has involved an uninsured driver, we can understand the concern you may have. 

Luckily, you can still peruse a cycle accident claim. The claim will have to be submitted via the MIB Uninsured Scheme, and this is something that we will do for you. 

What if I was partially at fault for the bicycle accident? 

If you were partially at fault for the cycle accident, then you can still claim. However, if you were partially at fault, you will only receive that percentage of your claim.  

For example, if the claim settles on a 50-50 liability split, you will be entitled to 50% of your claim. 

How long do I have to file a bicycle injury claim? 

Whilst most people contact us shortly after their cycle accident, you do have three years from the date of the accident to make a claim. 

If you are making a claim on behalf of a minor, you will have three years from the date they turn 18 to make the claim.  

What damages can I claim after a bicycle accident? 

We understand how much a cycle accident can affect you both mentally and physically, and how long it can take to get back to feeling yourself again. 

You can receive compensation for the pain and suffering you experienced, as well as loss of amenity. It doesn’t stop there, as we also consider any loss of earnings or cost of private medical care. 

What information do I need to start my case? 

If you want to pursue a cycle accident claim, then there’s a few things we’ll need from you. 

  • Full name, address, and vehicle registration from the third party (if the accident involved a third party) 
  • Photos from the scene 
  • Any details from witnesses, including full name and contact details 
  • If you went to the hospital or doctors following your accident 
  • The crime number from when you reported the incident to the police. 

From these details we can begin to build your case. If you are missing key information, make sure to speak with a member of our team so we can advise on what to do next. 

What to do next if you’ve had a cycle accident… 

If you would like to go forward with a claim, then our team of friendly experts are here to help. Many of us are avid cyclists ourselves and with over 26 years’ experience you’re in good hands. 

Start a claim today to begin the process, and we’ll help get you the compensation you deserve. With our help you’ll be back on your bike in no time. Alternatively, you can contact us for more information.  

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What our clients say about
Cycle Accident Claims Management…

After a nasty cycle accident we placed our trust to CACM. Jan Canter and his very efficient team talked us through the procedure. The complete journey from post-accident to settlement was very smooth, painless and we are very happy with the result CACM supplied us with. A job well done by a very professional company.

Jill M. - Gloucester

I was involved in a cycling accident and CACM have acted efficiently and courteously throughout my case. They are busy but despite this they were very good at returning my calls. I was also very satisfied with the outcome of my claim. I would recommend them highly.

Thorstein V. - Manchester

Friendly, explanatory and supportive service from beginning to end. CACM supported me through a bicycle injury involving a car. Fantastic experience throughout an uncertain time. Cannot recommend highly enough. Thank you!

Gemma R. - Hertford