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Cycle Accident Claims Management pride themselves on a fantastic settlement record thanks to the passionate, hard-working staff behind the name. One of these staff members is Solicitor Jan Canter, who offers over 25 years’ experience. Learn more about his more recent settlements.

July 2017: The client was a pedestrian in her mid-60s walking her dog on a Sunday morning near the park. She was knocked down by a van driver. Although she was not working at the time there was some evidence to suggest she might have been able to do some part time work. She sustained a fractured pelvis and multifaceted soft tissue injury and some bladder impairment which was likely to be permanent. She regained full mobility however despite her many injuries. Settlement was £350 000.

September 2017: The client, a female in her early 30 s at the time was the victim of clinical negligence due to the failure of staff at her local hospital in the Accident and Emergency unit to refer her for a CT scan following a mild head injury. The failure subsequently resulted in the client suffering a stroke a few weeks later with partial blindness effects and some cognitive impairment requiring long term care and loss of earnings. Liability was initially denied and not conceded until after proceedings were issued 5 years later. Settlement £3.5 million allowing for periodical payments of £50 000 per month.

July 2018: The client in her early 40s was the victim of clinical negligence on the part of a pain Consultant administering spinal epidural injections to relieve back pain. The client suffered with mobility issues, psychological trauma and bladder impairment as well as loss of earnings and required some care support. Liability and causation were disputed throughout. A joint settlement meeting resulted in a settlement of £1.3 million pounds.

June 2018: The client in his late 40s, was a financial director who had taken time out of work at the time of the accident and who was a passenger in his wife’s vehicle which overturned. He sustained no serious injury other than a mild to moderate head injury which caused subtle changes in his cognitive memory recall and verbal fluency which it was shown might affect him in working in similar high finance employment roles in the future. The extent of his injuries which the client allegedly sustained and the effects were fully contested by the insurers. Extensive witness evidence was obtained. Settlement £2.1 million.

August 2018: The client, a cyclist, sustained a lower limb fracture and other soft tissue injuries when hit by another vehicle near his local village. Liability was partially denied. The medical evidence was contested. Settlement £65000.

July 2018: The client, a keen cyclist, in his early 60s suffered a cycle accident with another motorist who came across him on a dual carriageway. The client sustained severe exacerbation of previous back pain and other lower limb fractures. Liability was disputed. Settlement £120 000.

December 2018: The client a retired male in his 60s, was driving his classic car when his car was hit due to the negligence of the defendant and was propelled from the vehicle onto the road suffering injuries in particular to his leg causing mobility issues and a head injury causing severe brain damage. Settlement £1.1 million.

May 2019: The client, a radiologist in his early 50s, suffered a very minor rear end collision as a passenger as a result of the negligence of the defendant driver. However the consequences were that the client sustained severe neck pain and severe aggravation of a pre accident pain condition for which he had been receiving treatment before. The injuries from the accident resulted in very poor mobility for the client and caused his employment to be terminated. Causation in particular was fully contested. The medical evidence was not wholly favourable. Settlement £260000.

Contact Cycle Accident Claims Management directly to discuss your claim confidentially, at no cost, and gain a better idea of the options available to you.

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What our clients say about
Cycle Accident Claims Management…

After a nasty cycle accident we placed our trust to CACM. Jan Canter and his very efficient team talked us through the procedure. The complete journey from post-accident to settlement was very smooth, painless and we are very happy with the result CACM supplied us with. A job well done by a very professional company.

Jill M. - Gloucester

I was involved in a cycling accident and CACM have acted efficiently and courteously throughout my case. They are busy but despite this they were very good at returning my calls. I was also very satisfied with the outcome of my claim. I would recommend them highly.

Thorstein V. - Manchester

Friendly, explanatory and supportive service from beginning to end. CACM supported me through a bicycle injury involving a car. Fantastic experience throughout an uncertain time. Cannot recommend highly enough. Thank you!

Gemma R. - Hertford