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Cycling is a great way to stay fit and it can also help contribute to your weight loss. Once again, it’s almost that time of year where we start making our new year’s resolutions.  

Many of us will embark on a weight loss journey in the new year. This means we need to be exercising more and eating a little less. 

It’s easy to set out a goal and have every intention of sticking to it, but consistency is where some of us fall off the bandwagon. With discipline and motivation, we know you can make positive changes in your life in 2024. 

How to lose weight? 

The age-old question, asked most at this time of year, is how exactly do we lose weight? To put it simply, it all comes down to how many calories you consume, compared to how many calories you burn. 

If we find ourselves asking this question, it often means that we need to move more and find a form of exercise which we love. For us, we love cycling. It helps us stay fit and active, whilst also being great for the mind.  

How many calories does cycling burn? 

Typically, cycling burns between 300-600 calories per hour, depending on your intensity level. If you add this in a couple of times a week, it can be a great addition to your weight loss journey. 

If you can’t get outside on a bike ride, you can always use the bikes in your local gym. These are great as you can choose the resistance to make it as hard or easy as you’d like. Many gyms often do discounts in the new year to bring in as many new people as possible during this busy season. 

What does cycling do to your body? 

Cycling does wonders for your body. It helps improve your cardiovascular, tones up your muscles and is super for your mental health. 

It’s a lot gentler on your body than running is, as you’re supported by the bike. If you’re looking for your next adventure, cycling is a great addition to your exercise routine. 

You don’t need an expensive bike to get started, if you begin with short easy rides, then you can build yourself up. It’s a great mental challenge, as a lot of the time your body can push itself a lot further than you think, but it’s your mind that stops you!  

If you’re feeling a bit stressed, then going for a ride can also help clear your mind. It’s good for the body, and good for the soul.  

What muscles does cycling work? 

Cycling is a brilliant form of exercise as it engages a large proportion of your muscles. Overtime as these muscles grow, you’ll notice how much easier it will be to cycle, and you can push yourself more. 

Your leg muscles are used when you push the pedals, whilst your core muscles are used to keep you stable on the bike. Mainly cycling targets your calves, glutes, hamstrings and quads, and overtime you’ll not only notice a difference in your strength but in the appearance of your legs.  

How long does it take to see a difference for weight loss? 

This depends on how often you’re exercising, what your metabolism is like, and the number of calories you’re consuming. Losing between 1lbs and 2lbs a week is considered healthy weight loss for the average adult. 

Making small healthy changes to your lifestyle is a great way to help stick to your weight loss goals in 2024. Cycling isn’t just great for your body, but also for your mind.  

Being able to switch off from the stresses of everyday life and focus on the road ahead is a great way to forget about any of your worries. The less stressed you are, the easier you should find it to stick to your exercise and food plan.

How do I get into cycling? 

We know how important it is to be saving the pennies now, especially during the cold winter months. So, if you don’t have a bike then there’s always the option to the use gym if you have a membership. 

Want a new bicycle? You can pick up a bicycle quite cheaply nowadays, and you don’t have to spend a lot of money to get a decent bike. If you shop around you can often find great discount deals, and some brands also offer cashback. 

Another great place to look is second hand. Some people take up cycling as a hobby for a while and then they decide that it’s not for them. 

You can get some good bikes second-hand; you just need to keep an eye out. If you do get a second-hand bike, just make sure you get it checked over. You’ll need to ensure that it’s in good working condition and safe to use.

Cycle to work; Change your commute 

If your home is local to your work, then you could swap out your car journey for a cycle. This is an easy way to get in an hour or two on your bike, without it changing your lifestyle drastically. 

Many workplaces have a ‘Cycle to work’ scheme, so check with your employer to see if this is a benefit you can make the most of. You can save between 25% and 39% on a new bike through this scheme, so it’s worth looking into.

Cycling indoors is just as good as cycling outdoors 

You don’t need tons of experience to get in the saddle, if you can ride a bike, you’re good to go. It’s a much easier on your body than the likes of running, as your supported through the bike. 

If you cannot afford a bike, or you don’t like cycling outside in the cold months, then you can always utilise your gym membership. Gyms tend to have a large number of indoor bikes for you to use, and you can be a lot more consistent as you don’t have any external factors to consider.  

Cycling outside in winter can be challenging, so if you can cycle inside, then this is a great alternative. It will also help keep you consistent as you don’t have as many challenges to overcome.

Staying safe on the roads 

As we power through Winter, we need to make sure that we are taking all the necessary precautions when cycling in this weather. We know all too well that the rainy and windy conditions can make cycling a little bit more challenging. 

  • Be aware of your surroundings 
  • Make sure that your bike has been checked for any potential issues 
  • Check that your lights and reflectors are working properly 
  • Wear the correct gear for the weather 

For more advice about being safe on the roads as a cyclist, make sure to check out THINK! 

Unfortunately, sometimes accidents happen which are out of our control, no matter how safe we are. If you find yourself in this situation, we’re here for you at Cycle Accident. Got any questions? Contact us today to speak to a friendly member of our team. 

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