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Design is one of the best solutions to safety hazards for motorists, motorcylists and cyclists alike.

There are some fantastic examples out there of intelligent and intuitive infrastructure design, that has been built with cyclists in mind.

We’ve picked out five of our favourites, take a look below:

Location number one: Bracknell, UK

Believe it or not, Bracknell offers an excellent standard of segregated cycling infrastructure. Located between London and Reading, Bracknell was designed as a new town in 1949 – and it was designed well!

Location number two: Eindhoven, Netherlands

The Dutch have a habit of getting cycling infrastructure right, and this hovering bridge near Eindhoven is no exception! A fine example of segregated cycling infrastructure.

Location number three: Bordeaux, France

This French city has improved its commitment to cycling dramatically over the past few years. One of the key ways it has created a safer city for cyclists is through traffic-calming measures such as the investment in several tram lines.

Location number four: Copenhagen, Denmark

We couldn’t list five world class examples of cycling infrastructure and not include Copenhagen! It’s the home of the Copenhagenize Index and a world leader in continued investment in cycling. Our infrastructure highlight has got to be the super-fun looking Cykelslangen, or ‘Cycle Snake’, a bike skyway for commuters.

Location number five: Rotterdam, Netherlands

Rotterdam is home to something called the Maastunnel – an underground bike tunnel built in the late 1930s enabling them to safely get from one side of the Nieuwe Maas river to the other. See it in action here.

What are your favourite examples of cycling infrastructure?

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